About me

Hi there!

I’m Marlène, a game designer from Copenhagen. I am currently studying a Master’s degree in Games at the IT-University of Copenhagen, and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from the University of Copenhagen.

My interest in game design came rather late, when I a couple of years ago discovered how much potential the medium of games really has. I want to explore how to create meaningful player experiences through the strengths of the medium, through meaningful mechanics and emergent storytelling. Now that I’ve found my passion, I aim to learn as much as possible from the field by attending every game jam and conference that I can, as well as making games both through my studies and in my free time.

While I am a designer with many skills, my passion lies in coming up with original game mechanics, designing levels, and everything visual - from 3D modelling to environmental art and lighting. Most importantly, I am always up for a challenge!

 In my spare time I love playing RPG’s and co-op games with friends, drinking coffee on my balcony, and doing aerial sports.



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